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Astrology Readings:

We are all influenced by astrology! In fact, the insight of the heavenly stars
by an astrologer can shed a whole new light on many areas of concern,
from your career and love to choosing the perfect wedding date and more.
Uncover the celestial secrets by obtaining a personalized reading today!

Personalized Readings With Sue Are $40.00!
$50.00 if requested via the mail - sent via tape
All that is required is your birth date and exact time.
Keep in mind having the exact birth time will enhance the accuracy!

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Here Are A Few Readings Enjoyed By Others:

  • Personal Horoscope
    For thousands of years, people all over the world have relied upon astrology to provide them with an understanding of themselves and the people around them. The planets have an interesting and insightful story to tell about each of us. Ever wondered what astrology has to say about your personality? Well, here is your opportunity to find out what a personalized reading has to say about you.

  • New-Born Horoscope Analysis
    A great baby gift - the birth of a newborn is a big event in the life of the family. A horoscope will chart the newborn's planets to draw a very accurate astrological analysis on his/her personality and other important areas!

  • LoveScope
    How do you handle relationships? Learn how to navigate the twists and turns of love or discover how compatible you are with you partner romantically.

  • Career & Business
    Planning a career change? Buying a new business? Having trouble with a business partner or a fellow employee? Learn what choices are best and which ones are not so profitable...or how to get the most from those less than fun workplace relationships!

  • TeenScope
    Having trouble communicating with your son or daughter? Learn the secret language behind your teen so you can start enjoying the the special memories today.

  • Travel & Entertainment
    Planning a big trip or special party - personal or business? Find the perfect date and insight to what can be expected or who should be invited for the most fun and excitement.

  • PetScope
    Your pet biting at your heal - trying to understand and better communicate with your furry little friend - than this one is for you!

  • Gift Certificates for Personal Readings
    Let them choose which personalized reading!

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January 20-February 18

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B.J. S
Toledo, Ohio
Sue Lovett has been a personal friend and confidant of mine for over twenty-five years. I have always asked for Sue’s advice whenever I have had an important decision to make and she has always given me useful as well as accurate information. Everyone needs good advice from time to time and I am fortunate to have had Sue as a good friend and important part of my life. The best parties I’ve had involve Sue Lovett.

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