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Sue Lovett's Bio:

In August, 1971, at the local fair, the adult education booth offered Astrology classes as an opportunity. At the first class there were 36 of us when the teacher said the first 6 to 8 weeks would be all math. We had to learn logarithms and I had never even heard the word before. At the end of our 8 weeks, there were three of us remaining.

At that time there were no computer programs to do the math. All information was given at noon Universal time with the placement of the planets in London England. We had to convert all of this information to our own longitude, latitude, time zones, etc. etc. This was an overwhelming task.

Once we knew how to draw up the horoscope then we had to interpret it.

Astrology is a combination of art and science. The planets just keep moving constantly - they are not now where they were when you began to read this. Does this sound complicated to you? It is!

Over the years I have studied and taught astrology throughout the United States and Europe. At an international convention in Switzerland, we learned the Huber Method. I have also attended workshops with Michael Lutin, Susan Miller, Debbie Kempton Smith, and Katherine DeJersey, to name just a few.

I have attended semi-annual conferences conducted by the American Federation of
Astrology as a participant, and as a lecturer, throughout the United States. I have been to IFAN (American Federation of Astrology Networking) convention as well as ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research) I subscribe to countless bulletins regarding financial career health issues and current topics.

For seven years I had my own local TV show the Sue Lovett show with interesting guests and a variety of topics. I have also had regular radio appearances and TV guest spots, including analysis of the Super Bowl and other football games - both college and pro. I also am asked to predict election results, and my success rate is outstanding. I have also picked winners of beauty pageants.

I do personal readings in person and on tape for those unable to come into my office. I prepare horoscopes for new born babies and children to offer career guidance, how to relate to and help them develop to their fullest extent.

We pick wedding dates, the best time to buy and sell properties, look for a new job, have elective surgeries, change locations for the best opportunities…The two top reasons for astrology readings are TIMING and UNDERSTANDING OTHERS.

Looking at the entire family’s horoscopes is a real eye-opener, and helpful to harmony in the home. The same can be done for an ideal work environment.

I write a weekly column SIGN LANGUAGE in the popular TOLEDO CITY PAPER. I publish a monthly newsletter, THE STARGAZER which I began in January of 1994. Subscriptions to THE STARGAZER are just $24.00 per year.

In addition to my newsletter, I have Gift Certificates for personal readings ($40.00) or by mail ($50.00). The type of reading depends solely upon the needs of the recipient. Any reading can be personalized which is something the computer cannot do. I answer all questions, compare the client’s birth date with others as requested. The most common concerns people have are “love, money, and health.” We can analyze the proper needs and offer helpful suggestions.

I enjoy working at Parties – just doing astrology for entertainment purposes – in addition to the serious side of the study, it can be lots of fun when presented with a sense of humor. I am “armed” with the birthdates of celebrities, politicians, local characters and celebrities. It is fun at cocktail parties, holiday celebrations, bridal and baby showers, graduation and birthday parties. The list is endless!

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